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The manual pull tester is the simplest push-pull testing machine. It consists of a test stand , force gauge with the data output function for viewing, analysis, and printing, test fixtures for tension or compression. The Presto Tensile testing Machine is highly recommended for evaluating the tensile strength of products and materials. The equipment is based on the Constant Rate of Traverse principle.

These systems are typically used on a benchtop and their loading capacities can range from several ounces to about 1,000 lbs. Virtually every single column machine is electromechanical and uses a small servo-electric motor for both power and control. You will need to use a dual column machine or else risk bending the machine. Worldwide, we offer testing machine solutions across a wide range of applications. Over 67 years, FIE’s machines are well-known for reliable test results, exceptional build quality and low operating expenses. This universal testing machine is usually driven by a variable frequency motor or a stepper motor.

When the start button is pressed input of the pin is triggered and the attached extensometer starts recording readings of compression / tensile test and UTM is also used with the different levels of capacity like 300KN to 10,00KN. TIRA offers precise material testing machines, which are entirely manufactured at our site. We have so mnay clinets who have used our universal testing machine to test tensile of foam, ropes, wires, plastic, textiles, etc. This parameter can be enabled if you will use PLX-DAQ to acquire and analyze the data. The integration of PLX-DAQ is requested from a comment from the original tensile testing machine’s instructable. This is the design tệp tin for the new tensile testing machine in .step format along with each of the design files in f3d format.

The wide range of SCITEQ standard products is available for very short delivery. We will ship directly to your site to help you meet your deadlines. We perform global on-site installation as well as service visits and we are of course available for tư vấn and advice daily, so you can rest assured your test equipment will have maximum up-time. Universal Testing Machines have existed in various forms since the 1800’s. One of the original applications was for testing the strength of steel used in steam power boilers.

gelbo flex tester

Aside from the machine, a few other components are required to trang điểm the complete system. A position sensor, most commonly an encoder, is used to measure the location of the crosshead. Most machines are controlled using the position data channel, and will move at a software controlled rate of tốc độ according to the desired ASTM test or similar procedure. The supplied software runs on customers’ computer systems, and is user–friendly with large display pages for data input. The program provides a particular strength to the machine operation, allowing pre-loading of a wide range of test methods and giving a range of options for exporting, storage and analysis of results. Ready-to-load software together with test-specific jaws can be provided for a wide range of tests.

Product Description Electric Tensile Strength Tester is professionally applicable to measurement of tensile, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, adhesive, puncture … Download the entire IDMI product catalogue in an Adobe PDF file. If the ATTiny is able to be detected at address 9, reupload the code and try disconnecting the OLED screen and see if that helps.

Generally, It is fitted with a colorful LCD allowing you to input various parameters and view the real-time data and trend in the test. The test operation is more convenient, and the machine is easy-to-use. The digital display tensile machine integrates independent test procedures such as tension, compression, peeling, tearing, etc.