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You can review our gallery of membrane switches products here, or keep scrolling down to learn about industry-leading options available with our membrane switches. Hoffmann + Krippner membrane switches offer over one million operations or switching cycles, in a variety of environmental conditions. ALMAX Electronic Interface Solutions is a vertically integrated global leader in the design and manufacturing of electronic switches, complex interface assemblies and electronic interface components. From a simple membrane switch to a full box-build, ALMAX has the membrane switch manufacturing breadth you need to increase your membrane switch quality while reducing your membrane switch pricing. Circuit Spacer – This layer separates the top circuit from the bottom circuit so the switch remains normally open until the keypad is pressed. We serve over 10 industries and offer the widest selection of LCD products including standard LCD modules, TFT Color LCDs, custom LCD products and much more.

While different membrane switches are constructed in different ways, most consist of a few basic layers. There’s the top layer that features the printed graphics, followed by a spacer layer and then a printed circuit layer. 4, a numeral 10 indicates the membrane switch relative to the present invention. Flexible membrane switches are connected by a flexible tail that is cut from the circuit material. This flexible tail can be connected to a circuit board with a variety of single row connectors designed for flex circuits. Or, the tail can be designed to interface with a Zero Insertion Force connector.

The flexibility of printed circuits means they can be installed on a curved surface. It tests dome functioning, LED polarity, and any circuit shorts prior to shipping. We also keep computerized records of all tests for easy reference. We use state-of-the-art techniques to assemble custom projects that incorporate our products and services into the final package—without defects, and always with the highest quality imaginable. Next, we define a 2-dimensional keymap array keys which holds characters to be printed when a particular button is pressed on the keypad. Now that we know everything about the membrane keypad, we can begin hooking it up with Arduino. This complete Membrane Switch Panel is actually a combination of the Membrane Switch Technology fitted to pre-cut metal escutcheon as a robust sub-assembly. As well as the use of three solid colours we also used translucent inks for the digital display apertures. Membrane Masters are experienced in such hybrids and can undertake individual processes, like Graphic Overlay production, to the complete job. In addition to simple Embossing we can offer a number of Tactile Platforms including raised rims and buttons.

As part of our membrane switch printing services, we’ll explain each of these in detail, including making recommendations for your unique machines. Silicone rubber keypads use compression-molded silicone rubber with conductive carbon pills or with non-conductive rubber actuators. They have exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures and aging, making them an ideal choice if reliability is a prominent concern due to likely environmental influences. Circuit Spacer– This layer separates the top circuit from the bottom circuit, so the switch remains normally open until the keypad is pressed. The circuit spacer is a polyester spacer with adhesive on both sides. Reliaswitch provides LED backlighting, which is embossed over the top of the circuit and provides a 180-degree viewing angle, which is desirable for most medical applications.

They are lower priced compared to fiber optics and offer additional design flexibility. The color of light emitted from an EL lamp can vary depending on the phosphors that are used. Some common colors are blue/green and yellow/green, white, blue and orange. EL lamps have a half-life of approximately 3000–8000 hours depending upon the quality of the phosphor. Once they reach their half-life, the brightness starts to fade rapidly. EL lamps are thus not a good choice if the lamp is on for an extended period of time. A membrane switch typically has 5 or more layers made of flexible substrate. Antimicrobial membrane switches, keyboards, and keypads are hygienic for a lifetime. Review our gallery of membrane switches products here, or keep scrolling down to learn how our membrane switches are constructed to improve your applications.

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However, for greater diffusion a matte or textured surface finish is preferred. LED’s cannot come through the active area of a tactile switch, although graphically they can be made to appear as a part of the switch. The finest line that can be effectively printed is a .006″ thickness. The maximum line screen is 230 LPI for graduated halftones and process printing. Membrane switches are primarily utilized with microprocessor based control systems found in medical, communication, instrumentation and appliance products. Display windows are typically transparent and they can be either clear or color tinted. A transparent color is optically clear and used to filter backlight displays. The transparent color reduces the “blooming effect” of the display. A translucent color is normally used for diffusing an indicator light or backlighting for printed graphics, such as an instrument cluster that is backlit. With over 40 years of experience in the graphic art industry, we can produce your product to your specifications.

To make connector pitch 0.5mm or less, we suggest adopt FPC circuit with ZIF type connector or PCB circuit with soldered FFC/ FMC cable. Membrane switch supports several kinds of media connector to meet your demands. A ZIF type ribbon cable is the most economic solution for connection purpose; print carbon on pin contacts will effectively prolong the durability of the cable. For a plug-in connection, we shall crimp metal pins, female contact or male tab, on cable end and protect the metal pin with plastic housing. Customer shall specify the dome height or stroke distance and actuation force wanted. The life time of a metal dome switch is at least 1 million click cycles, and metal dome made by specific manufacturer could be durable up to 5 million cycles. After checking the environment, the lamination process is carried out. The membrane switch is then placed in the appropriate position and a portion of it is laminated, then the remaining centrifugal paper is slowly removed.

To apply PCB as circuit layer to a membrane switch, a flexible flat cable, called FFC, or FPC is used to be soldered onto the PCB for connection with the application or to the other PCBs. When a design require the button to support two-stage push down functions, JIT has held the technique to consolidate different switch structures in membrane keypad to succeed this requirement. Any two of the structures of flat button, metal dome button, and poly dome button can be chosen to form the two-stage switch depending on your demands. A membrane switch is structured by three main portions, Graphic Overlay, Switch Buttons, and Circuit. Modern technology can have a real and pronounced impact on the utility of membrane switches, e.g. measurably increasing lifespan. For example, Hoffmann + Krippner’s domed keys with GT technology provide a raised key feature that incorporates self-healing features to provide unparalleled durability and longevity. The GT material creates elastic domes that can reform their original shape, with no scratch or deformation, even after being damaged. Membrane switches can be thought of as a user interface like touch screens, plastic keyboards, toggle switches and many other kinds of control systems. Consumer Applications– membrane switches are ideal for consumer applications because of their cost effectiveness, slim size, unlimited design options, and backlighting abilities.

Our team can match your specifications or help guide you in the right direction. Backplates – Membrane switch assemblies can be stand alone flexible circuits or built up on rigid backplates including aluminum, steel, or other options. Tactile domes – Tactile domes provide the user with a snap or click sound and sensation when depressed. Membrane switches do not have to have this feature and have a longer potential life expectancy without tactile domes. Custom color matching and intricate graphical layer design – Our team has the experience to make the face of your product stand out from the field. Medical industry– because of their ease of cleaning, ability to withstand moisture intrusion, and reliability, membrane switches are regularly used in medical devices. The membrane switch circuit was analyzed, and the smallest trace widths were measured. As expected the FPC polyimide version was able to be constructed with a considerably smaller trace width. A 25 in2 membrane switch experienced a ~ % cost increase between PET and FPC. A 2 in2 membrane switch experienced a ~20-30% cost increase between PET and FPC.

Reliatrace has the ability to meet most standard interconnect requirements, with tooling for Nicomatic, crimp, or solder connections that conform to AMP or Berg connecting specifications. Connectors can also be designed to interface with a ZIF connector. An alternative to embossing is hydro forming (i.e., tactile embossed graphics), which involve the formation of a tactile dome in the graphic layer to create a raised, tactile feel. This is a more costly alternative that involves tooling and longer setup/cycle times. On other areas of your graphic overlay, aesthetic enhancements such as decorative logos, characters or symbols can also be embossed, as can Braille. While stainless steel domes require no tooling, polyester domes are manufactured on a single sheet and require embossing, making them more cost-effective only for high-volume applications. More ideal for room temperature environments, polyester domes are more likely to crack in the cold, or erroneously activate all switches when they soften and “go flat” in hot temperatures. Single-sided competitors are often forced to design two tail trace connectors to meet design requirements, which introduces significant risk of trace fracture into your design.

Since many devices today are portable, this backlighting solution is more relevant than ever. Plastic Injected molded cases have the advantage of a molded cavity to receive a membrane switch that allows the membrane to be flush with the case surface. The color and texture of the case can tie into the membrane switch and appear as one piece. This type of membrane switch panel is common in the medical industry where esthetics is of high importance. Parting lines, bosses, and injector pin marks should be avoided in any switch button locations to prevent switch actuation problems. We provide OEM/ODM service, custom membrane switches, a total solution from design, production, brand design, packing, marketing and the suggestion of distribution channel. Membrane switches are printed electronic circuits which are used to turn circuits on and off. Further, these circuits use conductive inks made of silver, granite, and copper. They are a part of various electrical devises and appliances and have double based touch-screens, push-buttons, toggle-rocker etc.

It also help to ensure the quality and delivery date of our products. Whether you are looking for a simple design, or a more complex build with backlighting and EMI shielding, Almax–RP can design a solution to fit your needs. Our engineering team can design backlighting into most keypads with side fire LEDs and Light Guide Film. This report focuses on the Membrane Switch in global market, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa. This report categorizes the market based on manufacturers, regions, type and application. The Report thoroughly covers the Membrane Switch market by Type, Applications and Regions.

A membrane switch offers numerous advantages over a tradition mechanical switch. Rigid Support Layer – This backmost layer offers support for free-standing membrane assemblies. A membrane keypad integrated into a larger product may not need this layer. If you need a membrane switch product quickly, count on the experts at Tekra to get it to you. If you have any questions when selecting the right product, contact us or check out the3M™ Converter Markets Selection Guidefor more product details. Understanding the difference between a membrane switch and a mechanical switch is actually quite simple, as the difference has more to do with the build and form of the switch rather than its functionality. When you consider it in terms of actual operation, both utilities essentially work the same.