Construction technology of external insulation of reinforced concrete walls in building construction

  Reinforced concrete wall in the building system is usually used in the form of structure, and both the strength and quality can better meet the needs of people living. Steel reinforced concrete walls have many advantages, such as wall materials, construction level, etc. However, the exterior insulation work has always been a difficult point in the construction, if the exterior insulation means excellent skills, then the wall will not be damaged, but also can play the role of radiation absorption, so that the indoor temperature is in a balanced state.

Therefore, in order to effectively combine construction methods with the construction of reinforced walls, it is necessary to fully grasp both technologies. In this article, from the current development situation, the construction methods related to the external insulation of reinforced concrete walls are properly analyzed, and the purpose is to provide relevant people with reference.

  1 The construction concept of external insulation of reinforced concrete wall

  1.1 Precise selection of materials

  In general, the polymer used in the construction of external insulation of reinforced concrete walls is usually divided into the following types: one, powder, which is a good choice for the construction of reinforced concrete walls.

One, powder, this kind of polymer in construction can be put into the water in the correct proportion of direct use, followed by good mixing work can be used.

Second, part of the powder and the relevant liquid colloid together, cement is based on the appropriate proportion of mixed powder and the relevant liquid colloid components to do a good job of mixing, mixing can be used after completion.

Third, quartz sand, cement and other liquids together, then it will be based on the appropriate proportion to do a good job of fusion, and finally stirring can be. The next person should choose the appropriate mesh woven fabric. Generally speaking, the person concerned in the reinforced concrete to take the wall insulation construction means to make a reasonable choice of mesh braid, which is formed by the relevant polymer and the corresponding fiber preparation together, and can play a crack-resistant role. The relevant personnel should finally make a proper choice of anchorages, which can play the role of splicing, and generally use more plastic nails and metal nails.

  1.2 Construction environment rationalization

  One, because the relevant personnel in the steel wall to take the means of external insulation after construction, will do a good job of considering the phenomenon of cracks, so in the construction link should let the temperature is not less than 5 ℃, the wind generated outside the wall is not greater than 5 levels of the basis for construction. In order to reduce the temperature of the wall surface is very high, it is best not to choose the rainy season to carry out construction.

Second, the relevant personnel in the construction by means of steel wall insulation should ensure that the various types of pipelines in the building, the corresponding buried parts, etc. do a good job of inspection;.

Third, the relevant personnel should ensure that the wall surface has a certain flatness, will not appear uneven phenomenon, to ensure that the flat layer between the “delamination” phenomenon can not occur; at the same time, the wall humidity should meet the relevant standards, if too dry or too wet, will bring adverse effects on the progress of construction.

  1.3 Paste the wall according to the regulations

  Before the construction, the polymer glue should be deployed, and the prepared polymer glue should be fully stirred by manual or electric stirrer, and its viscosity should be observed to be leveled with water, and then it should be repeated after standing for a few minutes, and its viscosity should be suitable for not flowing and moderate.

In the process of pasting construction, when using the point adhesive construction method, use the adhesive knife to smear the adhesive according to the back of the board, the width depends on the specifications of the adhesive knife, the thickness should be moderate not too thin or too thick, along the long distance of the board to leave two openings, the area of the adhesive coating shall not be less than 1/3 of the board area, because the point adhesive construction method has relatively low requirements for the flatness of the wall, so it is a method that is currently used more often. When the paste construction is completed, after the glue dries, use sandpaper to sand the uneven place for leveling.

  2 Specific construction plan of external insulation of reinforced concrete wall

  2.1 Construction design detailing

  Building construction requires design is very critical to the implementation of the overall project of the building, so we need to put more effort on the design of the building project, and for the architectural design of reinforced concrete wall and insulation construction design is also the same, in the design level to consider the actual characteristics of the reinforced concrete wall and building engineering is the contradictory construction process between the construction, and from the perspective of design to avoid this.

The data of the window of the reinforced concrete wall is marked in red, and the insulation board is made with this data to ensure that the insulation version of the construction layer can be seamlessly embedded in the wall, and the further processing requirements are designed in the parts where there is a need for docking, and the docking can be improved by the design of the enterprise mouth type plate structure, and on this basis it is marked in the form of a number to facilitate the actual construction of the At a glance.

  2.2 Improve the jointing of insulation boards

  Relevant personnel in the insulation board docking as far as possible when the use of detailed glue structure to the insulation board bonding, however, because it is also to reduce the bonding gap appears tight seam phenomenon affect the overall effect. If the situation is not strong will also have an impact on the insulation function, so the relevant personnel in the actual operation process should use the means of anchoring the insulation board to do a good job of fixing, in this link there may be anchoring out of the wall phenomenon, it should be timely use of appropriate measures to remedy, to avoid corrosion to the outstretched parts, thus bringing impact on the overall quality of construction. If the concrete outside the reinforcement concrete has reached the elevation, then the corresponding opening should be left at the appropriate position; and the relevant personnel should pay attention to the position of the template when installing different specifications of the template, to ensure that the template joint has a certain degree of tightness, and do not press the insulation board and the template against each other.

  2.3 Level processing of reinforcement concrete pouring

  Each layer should not be too thin or too thick when pouring (the conventional pouring thickness range is 80cm~1m); when pouring reinforcement concrete, the material should be placed from both sides at the same time, and the height of the material should be ensured at the same level. When the pouring height reaches the design requirements the upper surface will be flush, after the completion of the pouring to monitor when the concrete strength reaches the standard (such as when mixed with antifreeze pay attention to the specification of the concrete strength increment) can be carried out demoulding steps, from the outside to the inside, pay attention to the trimming work on the sides, corners and other parts. If there is a part of the insulation board fall or missing, it is necessary to timely add with the corresponding insulation materials.

  2.4 Temperature monitoring when demoulding

  The demoulding of reinforced concrete wall is also a key construction point worthy of attention, because the actual demoulding requires a certain temperature for support, and once the temperature does not meet the standard of demoulding, there will be a failure of demoulding and other imaginary, and then cause adverse effects on the construction of the wall schedule.

Once the temperature is lower than the demolition temperature standard, it is necessary to carry out certain treatment on the mold body by sprinkling water, etc., so that the demolition process can be carried out smoothly. In case of quality problems, timely response mechanisms should be carried out and secondary treatment of the wall should be carried out through certain repair-type processes, thus ensuring the actual construction quality of the reinforced concrete wall.


  To sum up, the relevant personnel in the construction of reinforced concrete walls to take external insulation means at the same time should be reasonable planning of the technology, so as to effectively avoid a series of problems in the construction of the building, so that the construction of the wall more reasonable, so as to promote the continuous development of the construction of reinforced concrete walls, so that the construction means of continuous innovation, and at the same time from the overall improvement of the quality of the building, to promote The construction industry is moving toward a higher level.