When you purchase a Hoytom machine it comes with a 3 year warranty

Hoytom machines are manufactured according to the most stringent standards. The multi-manifold control system allows a 110 kip secondary actuator to be used independently as well as in conjunction with the primary actuator. The secondary actuator can be mounted to the test floor of the laboratory as well as to a reaction frame for transverse/biaxial loading of specimens in the main MTS load frame. There is a speed controller, this controls the speed of the two vertical threaded shafts, as the result, there will be a change in the load applied to the specimen with the help of the movable crosshead. For demanding testing environments – High Stiffness machines are 3X to 4X more rigid than conventional frames.

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An award winning and leading manufacturer & supplier of testing & measuring instruments, sensors, CNC machining & fabrication and tư vấn services. The twin column bench-mounted Universal Testing Machine has a strong and durable frame to withstand years of use. It offers excellent accuracy and ease of use, operating on the IDM Instruments Pty Ltd software program.

Invest in the right testing equipment to improve your efficiency and maximize your profits. Theranos’s business model was based around the idea that it could run blood tests, using proprietary technology that required only a finger pinprick and a small amount of blood. Holmes said the tests would be able to detect medical conditions like cancer and high cholesterol. Provide honest and quality service in order to perform customer expactations and gladness, improve oneself continuously for excellence and become a reliable company with teamwork in laboratory test equipment industry. The following equipment is available to users of the Carleton Laboratory.

Manufacturer of rubber-metal connections – The company has chosen a ZwickRoell torsion testing machine for quality control and product development. Research institute implements testing machines for strain-controlled test sequences (e.g. stress-relaxation testing at temperatures up to 250°C). Testing laboratory and inspection body toàn thân has expanded their capacity for high testing temperatures by acquiring four Kappa 50 LA-Spring creep testing machines from ZwickRoell. As part of a research project on artificial tissues, RWTH Aachen uses a biaxial tensile testing machine from ZwickRoell.

Increasing cases of COVID-19 across the globe is resulting in economic slowdown. The impact of COVID-19 is being absorbed in each sector of the economy, including the global manufacturing industry. This, in turn, is projected to indirectly hinder the global tensile testing machine market in the next few years. IDM Instruments’ UTM comes with fixed dual testing capabilities. As it eliminates the need of having two machines required for testing.

The three time history forces profile, Fx, Fy, Fz were imported as user defined forces profile into the RTC-9000 test controller and applied by the actuators. The RTC 9000 test controller is engineered in Italy by EnginLAB srl using cutting edge real time FPGA technology by National Instruments. The MTS 55k dynamic actuator allows the Carleton Lab to create specific testing setups for specimens that are of unusual configuration and cannot be placed within one of our other testing frames. It can output 55 kips of force in both tension and compression.

Dual Column UTM’s can be either electromechanical or servo-hydraulic. Generally, hydraulic machines are better suited for extremely repetitive testing of high strength materials in production environments. The electro-mechanical machines are much more versatile in terms of their speed, and length of stroke, which better suits them for R&D environments where many different types of tests can be performed.

When performing materials testing with the help of universal testing machines the testing is commonly carried out in compliance with local or international testing standards such as ISO, ASTM, or DIN. These standards clearly state which parameters a specific product or material should be tested against, and how the test should be performed. For an overview of some of the most common international standards used when testing with the help of universal testing machines, please go to the Standards pageon this trang web. Another aspect that makes the universal testing machines universal, is that they can be used to test all shapes, sizes, and materials.

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